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Welcome to the website of the Laestadian Lutheran Church of Monticello (LLCM), a member of the Laestadian Lutheran Church in North America. The website provides information about our faith, mission, organization, and activities.  Welcome to our website and welcome to our services!




1860 County Rd 39 NE
Monticello, MN 55362

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About Us

Mission Statement

The mission of our central organization, the Laestadian Lutheran Church, and its congregations is:

  • To preach the gospel of repentance and remission of sins to the people of our communities, our nations, and throughout the world so that they might become partakers with us of the grace that God offers sin-fallen man in His Son Jesus Christ.

  • To nurture and strengthen the faith of the believing and root our children in Christian faith in God's kingdom.

  • To awaken and inspire Christian values and ethics, soberness of mind, love of homeland, and responsible citizenship among the people of our nations.

In order to accomplish this mission, the Laestadian Lutheran Church arranges and holds services at home and abroad, teaches and supports the teaching of God's Word among children and youth, publishes literature, newspapers, magazines, and recordings. It also works with its sister organizations around the world.

Please visit the Laestadian Lutheran Church Web Site for further information on our central organization and how to receive additional scriptural teachings on our faith.


In August 2012, a few believers met to discuss the idea of meeting in the Monticello, Minnesota area for services.  It was felt that a meeting of additional believers in the Monticello area was needed to understand if there was any interest in meeting as a group.  Forty-three people attended the meeting at Nate & Shelby Jurmu's on September 14, 2012 where interest of gathering as a congregation was expressed by those in attendance.

An Exploratory Committee was set up to review possible meeting locations.  On October 26, 2012, the Monticello area believers met at the Little Mountain Church in Monticello to discuss the findings of the Exploratory Committee.  The presence of the Holy Spirit was felt there, the desire to start another church in Monticello was discussed. By the end of the meeting, sixty-two people had joined together in forming this new congregation.

On November 14, 2012 a business meeting was held at Eastview Elementary School in Monticello.  Laestadian Lutheran Church of Monticello was selected as the name, with a start date of January 6, 2013 to begin holding weekly Sunday School and morning services and Wednesday evening Bible Class